Welcome to one of my wordpress blogs about the sims 😛

This blog was initially created as a home for all my sim stories but has come to being responsible for my legacy attempts.

The Legacy of Lorn (now discontinued) is PG rated and can be read in its entirety by clicking the link on the left. Darkness Falls (currently underway) is rated 18+ and contains subject matter suited for adult audiences and can also be read by clicking it’s link on the left. Please read the warning on the contents page before starting the chapter.

If you are interested in reading some of my other work then please head on over to either my Island Paradise Random Story – Stacey’s Island Resort. If you’re in the mood for something less dark but still story written then I suggest The Chronicles of Two Hearts which follows the lives of two best friends.


~ Cinnamon Sugar (CiSu)


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Amanda says:

    How did you come across the name “Cassidy Millar”?

  2. nahshona says:

    Hey Jess,
    I know you’re busy, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I haven’t really done anything new since the last time you checked either, but I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I know I haven’t been in a Sims playing mood lately. I hope everything is okay with you. Let me know something 🙂

    • Hey Shona!

      Yes busy with work and relationship issues (that are slowlt working themselves out… I hope). Sims have been on my mind and with seasons FINALLY here I hope to post shortly after Christmas and perhaps by then I’ll have commented on everyone’s chapters.

      I also hope to get a few winter photos out for both the Thorne Family and Cass and her friends.

      All going well with you?

      • nahshona says:

        I’m glad to hear everything is okay. 🙂 Everything’s fine with me, thanks for asking and I’m super excited about Seasons!!! I haven’t really played it a lot because I haven’t really had the time lately to focus on it, but the little I did play was AWESOME! Now all I need is University and I’ll be happy forever and ever, lol.

        Yay can’t wait, maybe by then I will have posted something too. Take care, don’t work too hard 😉

        • Seasons is awesome, although I’ve only played summer and winter, and winter is amazing!! Lol, yeah University was a good expansion but I don’t know if they’ll add it as they already have the young adult phase and private schools. Still I’ve been wrong before 😛 So keep those fingers crossed!

          Thanks I’ll try not to but so far despite my best efforts I’m still working too hard 😛

  3. sarphia says:

    Hiya! We’ve read through your legacies (not the 18+ one, though we have to say Nathaniel Thorne is HOT :P) and we really love your stuff! We were wondering if you would check out gingerlegacy.wordpress.com and take a peek at our legacy over there. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for reading and commenting! Lol, well I shall let him know that you two think he’s hot, although I’m pretty sure his face would go scarlet red hearing that.
      I shall get to reading your legacy as soon as time permits as I’ve been swamped lately with work 🙂

  4. nahshona says:

    I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! I back!!!!!!!!!!! *does celebratory dance* Ok 🙂 I feel like I’ve missed somuch in the weeks I’ve been away. Anyway I’m off to read your awesome new chapter!

    • YAY YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances with you*
      Lol, well I’ve only managed to post like… 3 chapters or so, but seeing as you’ve read everything already, I think you’re good 😛

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